Welcome to the Sunrise Call Centre (Center) Family!  If you just joined, or are considering joining us and want to earn income that is additional to your bi-weekly payments, here is a great way to help grow our Sunrise family AND make some extra money!


– Earns income for referring others to join Sunrise Call Centre
– Helps to build and grow our business, as well as puts more Americans to work!
– Allows you to bring over ANYONE, from strangers who are looking for a job, to friends and family members!

Here's how it works:

1) Refer a new individual to Sunrise Call Centre LLC [Our Trade Name is: Sunrise Call Center, but in the Arise network we are under the alternate spelling and OFFICIAL Listing of “Sunrise Call Centre“], or have someone transfer to us from an alternate Independent business; If you need help with this kind of move, please email me with their info and I will assist with the move. Please NOTE:  We do not “poach” employees from other businesses, but if an individual freely decides they wish to partner with us, we will be glad to advise!)
2) Email Us: with subject line REFERRAL BONUS and your name, Agent ID number, the name of your referral and, if possible, their Agent ID number, as well as the date you referred them for the record.
For Example:
Hi Mila, This is Johnathon Dough, Agent (CSP) ID 00112233 and I’m referring Agent: Jane Doe, Agent ID: 12345678, on 12/12/2016.
3) Once your referral signs up and creates a profile on the Arise network, and joins Sunrise Call Centre, they will need to sign up for a training class and get certified to work on ANY preferred client(s). When your referral starts working and earns their very first payment, YOU GET A BONUS FOR REFERRING THEM!
See below for bonus tier levels!!!

Tier Levels:

  • Refer 1 Agent in 30 days: $25 bonus
  • Refer 2 Agents in 30 days: $50 bonus
  • Refer 3 Agents in 30 days: $75 bonus
  • Refer 4 Agents in 30 days: $100 bonus 
  • Refer 5 or more within 30 days:
        $200 BONUS!! 
        AND THAT’S NOT ALL!! 

        You are NOT CAPPED at earning $200! Each additional Agent you refer past 5 per 30 day period is still an additional $25 added to your    
        check when they get their first check!

NOTE: Please remember the referrals MUST begin work for you to receive your bonus! So make sure you bring over committed individuals who take working from home as SERIOUSLY as we all do!  🙂 HAPPY HUNTING!