Problem solved! with the SUNRISE CALL CENTRE (CENTER) Desktop/Laptop/MAC Leasing and Rental program

How it works:

Sign up for a class using your current computer options if possible. Once you have completed the class enrollment process, send an email to lease@sunrisecallcenter.com, subject line “Request to lease a PC or Mac”, depending on your need, or request by phone: 601-831-6699, to discuss available leasing options based on the client you have selected (some clients require a Mac, some require a Windows PC).

If you have no computer to begin with, we will discuss options to help get you started.

If you already have a desktop or Mac, but it’s time to update and you wish to purchase a dependable and affordable computer specifically for work, we can help! Once you have selected and completed the enrollment process for a client, Sunrise Call Centre will send you a compatible Desktop with Windows 7 (great for Arise clients across the board), or a Mac Mini (great for Mac only clients across the board).  NOTE: If you already own a system but are unable to pass the “Technical Checklist” that is required BEFORE you can enroll in a client course, please CONTACT US and we will assist IMMEDIATELY.

You can lease out your computer with a minimal down payment, and simply pay for the balance as you earn money with your client work!

Lease a Windows Personal computer for $550 (pricing varies with system models) – Electronically sign your rental agreement, then pay at least $100 down, and your system will be shipped to you immediately. Then simply $75 per pay period for only 6 pay periods and the computer is YOURS TO KEEP! You own it and can use it for countless other clients in the future or whatever you choose!

Lease a Mac for $700- Electronically sign your rental agreement, then pay $175 down, and your system will be shipped to you immediately. Then pay only $87.50 per pay period for 6 pay periods and the computer is YOURS TO KEEP! You own it and can use it for any Apple-Mac based clients in the future or for whatever you choose!

Payments based on initial pricing. Options flexible based on available hours for your client and Agent’s reasonable and actual ability to work.


Can’t pay? Lost your job? Had an accident?? No matter what comes up, if you cannot pay, your Lease Agreement will simply allow the option for you to send the computer back, pending complete functionality, within the first 60 days of reception, to Sunrise Call Centre’s Return Center at no further cost to you!

Before returning any purchases, you are required to send an email to: returns@sunrisecallcenter.com to request a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. Any returns received without an RMA will not be accepted. See contract exclusions for more details.

All computers unless otherwise stated come with unlimited access to our tech support department for any troubleshooting required. Replacements may be available after lease is paid under some circumstances if major malfunctions occur with time. Replacement unit cost will be the greater of 25% of original price paid or $50 flat rate depending on unit and available replacements.

Don’t wait to start a client just because you don’t have the necessary tools. Sign up today and we’ll help you get started with the hardware you need to get the job done!

We don’t just lease computers though…we also provide deferment financing for your first class!


Ready to get started and can’t afford the class ‘tuition’ payment? We will pay 50-100% of your FIRST class up front so you can get started faster and with less hassle!

Here’s how to calculate:
Class cost: $200
We pay: At your request, half or full charge
Once you finish the class and begin working, we will recoup the class cost between your first and second deposits, up to your fourth deposit if necessary based on your client hours availability.

If the course cost is $200 and you make less than $500, we will collect up to half of the deferment from your first check in addition to any applicable call center fees, then the final amount for class cost from the second pay period amount. If you make more than $500 we will recoup the full cost of the course from your first deposit, and you’re done! One payment, less hassle, no worries!

When you work for Sunrise Call Centre, we can help YOU with everything under the sun!
For more information about course financing, email financing@sunrisecallcenter.com

Sunrise Call Centre is your GO TO for remote work, supplies and even the financing you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Don’t delay! Call TODAY!