1. Why should I become a Virtual Customer Service Professional for Sunrise Call Centre?

Sunrise Call Centre will provide you the independence that you need. You will have the empowerment to schedule your own hours and service a client that best fits your personality. You are in control of your work life with us!

2. Are there any start-up costs?

You will be required to pay $7.95 for a background check. We do have military and student vouchers available for some certifications. Military includes active duty, reserves, national guards, spouses and veterans. We also have a deferment program that assists those that cannot afford the costs of getting started.

3. How do I apply?

Go to http://www.arise.com and click Become an Agent followed by clicking Get Started.  OR Simply go to our homepage, www.sunrisecallcenter.com, and scroll down to the bottom right of the page.  Then click on the orange “GET STARTED NOW!” link on our front page.  Either method will direct you to the Profile Creation page.  Create your profile (make sure to enter the referring CSP ID 315821).  After profile creation, your next step will be to submit a request form for your background check.  Once the background check clears, the next step will highlight. Sign the Non- Disclosure Agreement, then you will then select “Join an Arise Affiliated Corporation”, and enter FEI Number  81-344-8814 and click search. Sunrise Call Centre will appear for you to select. Select “Next” and then wait patiently to be accepted, or call us: 601-831-6699 so we can accept you immediately.  Once we agree to on-board your ID, you will then sign the Waiver agreement and a secondary NDA Agreement from arise.  Then we simply finalize you and send out your welcome packet to help you get started!  We will also reach out to you by phone to ensure you have all the support you need going forward as you begin the process of training to work from home in a virtual class setting.

4. How much can I make as a Virtual Representative?

Our representatives earn anywhere from $8.00/hr to $18.00/hr. Average pay: $10-$12/hr.  The pay depends on the client that is being serviced.

5. What does it cost me each invoice to be an independent subcontractor?

Sunrise Call Centre has a flat rate of $50.00 per invoice plus the Arise Platform Service fees. We pay what the client pays as a flat “Per Hour” rate scale.  We will occasionally offer incentives, including raffles, prizes, bonus payments and more options to boost morale and push Independent Vendors to DO MORE as agents for their contracted company!

6. What is the Early Termination Fee?

Sunrise Call Centre has an ETF fee for any CSP who chooses to be released from our Independent business roster equal to: any course vouchers, computer lease fees, etc.  This does NOT mean you cannot quit a client and pick up a new one!  This ONLY refers to if a Client Professional decides to leave Sunrise Call Centre to join a new or alternate Independent Business.  This is because so much support is provided in the way of monetary help (leases, class payments, etc).  Therefore, to ensure proper recoup on an overall basis, the ETF will be deducted from your final invoice period(s) until satisfied for your overall total bill.

7. Will Sunrise Call Centre deduct taxes for me?

Sunrise Call Centre will provide each subcontractor a 1099 form at the end of the year for all services rendered, for the full calendar year.  The contractor will need to furnish, to the IRS, these expenses with their tax report for the year. Sunrise Call Centre will have tax professionals available to assist contractors with filing should they need help. A fee may be charged by our Certified Tax Professional(s) for the service but will be determined by the tax professional you select.  Please call for more information with tax/filing help: (601)831-6699.  Our personal suggestion for self-filing:  Turbo Tax provides excellent, ACCURATE, tax preparation software, on demand support, as well as Audit Defense Protection in case of any random audits.  They even provide an “Audit Meter” which will show you your chances of an audit before you decide to file with them, based on the information you have provided!  It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

8. If I have scheduled service intervals and no calls come through, do I still receive revenue for that interval?

Arise manages the call volume by making intervals available to a different number of Client Service Professionals (CSPs) depending on the volume of calls expected to ensure that all CSPs receive a high volume of calls when servicing. CSPs can expect to be on calls between 85% -95% of the time they are logged into our system. If a client’s pay is a “FLAT RATE”, then you will still receive the rate per hour specified in your SOW (Statement of Work) contract provided by Arise upon completion of the client courses to begin servicing.

9. Where are your offices located?

We are based in Mississippi but have CSPs all over the United States! Sunrise Call Centre provides remote (right from the comfort of your own home) service opportunities for all individuals who want to work but are ready to leave the inconvenience of a regular job behind for many different reasons:

They want to spend more time with their family
They want to avoid the costs of driving, including gas, breakdowns, and tiring, long commutes to and from a regular ‘9-5’.
They want to take control of their own schedule and work on their own time to make as little or as much money as they need to live comfortably!
They are just ready for a change!! Working from home is a REAL JOB, and more and more people are finding that this industry is open to them RIGHT NOW, if they just know where to look!